HOT STOVE LEAGUE:  Fenway Park Saved

HOT STOVE LEAGUE: Fenway Park Saved

It is hard to remember when we admire a totally renovated Fenway Park today, but just 15 years ago the previous Red Sox ownership was determined to replace America’s most beloved ballpark with a new park.  This feature written in 2000, by John Rouse, Ball State University professor of political science, reminds us of how close we came to losing our… Read more →

Baseball is Back: Taxi to Fenway

Baseball is Back: Taxi to Fenway

Sometimes the good old days weren’t nearly as good as we would like to think.  But as you will read in Dick Trust’s wonderful story, sometimes they were even better!             There was a time not so long ago when a young baseball fan could ride in a taxi to Fenway Park with a couple of major league ballplayers.              I… Read more →

Jimmy Piersall: "Fear Strikes Out"

Jimmy Piersall: “Fear Strikes Out”

Jimmy Piersall overcame mental illness to become one of the most exciting ballplayers in Red Sox history. His baseball career almost came to a premature end when he was hospitalized during the 1952 season and diagnosed as manic depressive. The story of his battle to overcome mental illness is chronicled in his book, Fear Strikes Out, which he wrote with Al… Read more →

Fred Lynn: "All-Star Memories"

Fred Lynn: “All-Star Memories”

When former Red Sox All-Star center fielder Fred Lynn learned that Nomar Garciaparra had connected for three home runs and driven in ten runs against the Seattle Mariners on May 10, 1999, his first reaction was, “Good for him!” Lynn’s second reaction was, “I hope Nomar appreciates how fortunate he was to do it in front of the Boston fans.”… Read more →